About us

ALTandF4.com is a product review site to provide people with accurate information and help them make a correct choice regarding all the tech-related products like; Laptops, Routers, Printers, Gaming Laptops, and Gadgets, and many more. Seeing how fast tech industry is growing with companies launching new and more developed products every day, it can be hard to choose the right product in the right budget, and that’s what our goal is, we provide honest reviews about certain products and help you review your options regarding the device you’re thinking to buy.

Our Main Focus:

What we mainly focus is on providing accurate information regarding certain products like; laptops, routers, printers, and many more, so people can have full information about what they are getting into before buying anything.

In this site, you’ll find honest and accurate reviews about different tech-related products, and it’s not only about one specific brand or product, but we also review the product of every tech-related brand, every product we review is to help people choosing the right product for them, there is no limitation to our work, we review every new or old product that we think is good to buy and totally worth its price.

Our Pledge:

We pledge to you that we will never suggest any product because of heavy advertising or brand names. We promise you that any product we review we will tell you honestly if that product does what it promises or not, our team won’t rest until they have answered all your product questions, so never hesitate to contact us.

Our Source of Contents:

Reviews you’ll see on this site are the direct result of our several years of experience with the tech industry, combined with the information readily available on the internet and all.

Our team of writers approach reviews with two different methods, we research about the product with different sources and also by using it first hand, This means that either we loan the product or purchase the product using our money, and use it for several days or weeks, before finally coming into any conclusion.