How to Cool Down Laptop

How To Cool Down Laptop
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If you are an avid laptop user like me, you might have experienced that your laptop can run hot often after long or intensive usage. Knowing when your laptop is getting hot and learning ways to prevent that is very important.  The laptop’s hardware equipment is set very close to each other allowing little air to circulate between them. Furthermore, laptops lose their efficiency with time and overheat rather quickly. Also, with time dust and debris collect inside the case that can affect the cooling fan. Additionally, the quest for making everything smaller and more compact than before is causing the overheating potential of laptops.

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Why is the overheating of laptops dangerous?

Overheated laptops can cause some serious damage to the internal hardware of your laptop. The video card, motherboard, and hard drives are all susceptible to damage. With time, this will seriously decrease the lifespan of your laptop and you might have to invest in a new one. There has been research done which proves that placing overheated laptops on your laptop might lead to male infertility. Furthermore, overheated laptops can always be a potential fire hazard.

How to recognize that your laptop is overheating?

So, an overheated laptop and a laptop that is just a little hot are two different things. If you are working out in the sun and your laptop gets a little warm, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your laptop is overheating. Below are a few signs and symptoms that you ought to look for in case your laptop is overheating.

  • The fan is making loud whirring sounds.
  • Your laptop gets slowed down and cannot perform the most basic tasks like closing a browser or opening one.
  • Error messages keep popping up on your screen.
  • If your video card gets overheated, lines will pop up on your screen.
  • Your laptop shuts down itself.

Steps to take if your laptop is overheating

There are various things you can do to cool down your laptop. A few of the easiest steps have been listed here.

  • The easiest thing to do is simply stop using it. If you have been using your laptop non-stop for six hours, it is bound to get hot. So just put the laptop down and take a quick walk.
  • Consider using the laptop on a flat, wide surface like a desk. Using the laptop on your lap can potentially block the fan. This will make it more difficult to cool down the internal hardware. Using your laptop on a computer desk is ideal, especially if you are using it for an intensive task like gaming.
  • If the battery life of your laptop isn’t holding up, try changing the batteries.
  • Invest in a laptop cooler to place your laptop on while using it. A laptop cooler is essentially a fan that is built into a small laptop tray. Place the pad on the surface where you are working and then put your laptop on top of the cooling pad.
  • Clean your laptop regularly. All the debris and dust that might have collected in your laptop will prevent the exhaust fans from working efficiently. The simplest way of cleaning your laptop is to get a can of compressed air. Take your laptop outside after turning it off. Spray the compressed air into the laptop vents. Try to not be very harsh while doing so. The laptop interior hardware might get damaged if you do it too aggressively.
  • Consider placing your laptop on power save mode. This will prevent your laptop from utilizing too much power that can make the battery area very hot.


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