How to Take a Screenshot on a Dell Laptop

How to Take a Screenshot on a Dell Laptop

Indeed, Laptops made your life quite easy as you just grab it and be on your way to do a job. But if you don’t know the usage and hacks of laptops, then it might be a nightmare as well. No matter whether you are a student, office worker, or in running the business, you almost need to share your laptop screen with peers daily. Therefore, today we will identify the ways that how to take a screenshot on a dell laptop.

There are a variety of ways to capture a screenshot by merely pressing the print screen button ‘PrtScn‘ or ‘Fn+PrtScn‘. Wait! Don’t limit yourself to these methods, there are other ways to capture screenshot as well. Let’s explore how to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop.

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1. by Windows Built-in Screenshot Program

The PrntScn button is commonly found in between insert and delete keys at the upper right corner of Dell laptop. Press the ‘PrtScn‘ key in order to take the whole screen.

To capture the particular work, open the file and press the ‘PrtScn‘ button now paste it on paint or MS word via ‘Ctrl+V‘. Now, go to the file option, and make it .png, .bmp or .jpg file through save as option.

You can also capture the screenshot via press and hold ‘Alt‘ and ‘PrtScn‘ then release both the keys. This leads to copy the particular screen in the clipboard. Now, launch the paint or MS word and paste it via “Ctrl+V” and save the file as above version such as .jpg, .bmp or .png.

On some of Dell laptops, you have to use the “Ctrl+PrtScn”, “Fn+PrtScn” or “Alt+Fn+PrtScn” combination buttons instead.

2. Third-Party Softwares

You can use other software as well for capturing screenshots. LightShot and Jing are the most competent capturing software, and most importantly, it is free. LightShot and Jing software aids you to take a screenshot quickly on Dell laptop and desktop.

3. Applications to capture Screenshot on Dell

Some software supports the dell laptops to capture the screenshot. Out of which few are below.

DuckLink Screen Capture

“DuckLink Screen Capture” is another application that helps you in capturing the screenshot. It has an annotation tool that caters from image editing to insert arrows, lines, text, and much more.

DuckLink Capture enables you to share the picture on social forums, email, BlogSpot, community forums, and hosting websites. This program is free to download with a pro-version for more functions.


Greenshot is also a free service to capture the screenshot in three styles that are a full region, a selected region and an active window. You can also take a benefit of Greenshot as image export its files on email, office programs, clipboard, printer, and image hosting sites, etc. The other con of Greenshot apart of being free is a lightweight application and does not require more storage, which is good for older dell laptop running on low memory.


Compare with different free screenshot utilities, ShareX has the number of capturing methods. It incorporates a full screen, freehand, active window to ellipse, rectangle, and much more. This application provides easiness in capturing a screenshot on Dell laptops. Furthermore, once you captured a screenshot, you can share it on various social networks and image sharing sites. Plus, it enables you to produce screencast and GIF.

In a nutshell, the methods we explore how to take a screenshot on Dell laptop will help you in many ways. We hope that you have learned many hacks from today’s topic. If you like this article or want to magnify your knowledge regarding technology, then keep visiting our site and subscribe to our website.


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