Laptop Camera Not Working? Try These Fixes!

laptop camera not working

While using applications like Skype or going for video calls, your laptop camera not working as expected; there are several reasons for that. Firstly, the deactivation of your Web can be a result of incorrect drivers of your laptop; they may be not compatible. Secondly, if you press a function key, your Webcam can get disabled again. If you have recently repaired your Laptop, it may have caused your camera’s connection to lose or your laptop may have gone to privacy mode which doesn’t allow some apps to get access to your webcam. Now how to repair it? Here are some steps which you may find useful.

Note: Things you should check before going with the fixes:

After the numerous reports of camera hacking, laptop manufacturers decided to add a quick way of shutting down or disabling devices on your pc as a more advanced safety option. It can be as simple as pressing a single function key or a combination of two or more keys.
Combinations can be of different keys like Fn + F6 or Fn + F9 or key with the icon of camera on it. Simple press the key with a camera icon or with Fn combination. Also, this method might not work on your laptop if it doesn’t have a camera icon on its F6, F8, F9 or F10 keys.

Laptop Camera Not Working? Try These Fixes!

Fix #1:

The main cause why some camera doesn’t work in some apps is because the new or the updated version of Windows will not directly grant permission to the apps to use the camera, so you will need to;

* Check camera privacy settings and give permission to the apps to access the camera:

In order to do that, Go to Start, and click on settings and then to privacy, you’ll find the option of camera, see that the Option of Allow access to the camera on this device is on!

fix 1 step 1

fix 1 step 2

fix 1 step 3

If you want a particular app to use your camera and not others, then you’ll have to go to the next option instead which says Allow the apps to use my camera. Then this will take you to other applications and choose which Application should be granted the access to use the camera.

fix 1 step 4

Fix #2:

The next method that may solve your issue is to roll back your webcam camera. Now, how to do that?

Right click on Start and go to device manager and click right on the webcam under imaging devices. Go to its properties, and you will see a tab of driver, select it. Go to Rollback driver, press yes. If the rolling back is done, restart your computer and then open the application again, if the problem is still not resolved, it’s recommended to uninstall your webcam driver!

fix 2 step 1

fix 2 step 2

fix 2 step 3

There is a possibility that your driver may not have this Roll back driver option, it’s better if you move on to the next fix.

Fix #3:

Try to uninstall the laptop camera! Follow the steps below:

Right click on Start and go to device manager> Imaging devices> Webcam> Uninstall.

fix 2 step 1

fix 3 step 2

fix 3 step 3

Then reboot your PC. Once you’ll start your PC the laptop camera would be installed itself!


Try to update your drivers.

As previously mentioned, there must be an issue with your drivers, so try to update your drivers.

Go to the Device Manager. You’ll see Imaging devices, click on it to see other options. You’ll see any of the options;

  • Integrated webcam
  • Laptop camera
  • HD webcam

fix 2 step 1

fix 3 step 2

After right clicking on one of the above options, press Update Driver. You may be asked to select the way you might want to search for the driver. It’s recommended to choose Search automatically for the updated driver software. Not only this but make sure you have an active Internet connection while doing this.

fix 4 step 3

If the driver is available on your laptop, then go for Browse my computer for driver software. Next, you should choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Press USB Video device and click on the Next button, Follow the instructions given to you onscreen.

fix 4 step 4

fix 4 step 5

Don’t forget to restart your desktop after every method! Hopefully, your issues are resolved with the aforementioned methods.


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