Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working

When using a laptop, headphones are really important especially when you don’t want to disturb others. However, sometimes using headphones can be a headache when you are not able to hear anything or there is a problem with the jack. No need to worry; here we are with some fixed that you must try!

Before going to the fixes, make sure you go through the following points:

  1. Sometimes, the reason why your headphone might not be working is that you must have made the mistake with the jacks. Therefore, make sure that you are putting your breeding in the correct jacks. The headphone Jacks are green in color or are labeled with the headphone icon.
  2. You may be not able to hear the sound because the volume must be too low or the laptop may be mute. So, go to the right side of your screen and move to the bottom, you’’ll see the sound icon. First, let the sound be to zero level and then move it to more than half. If you’re using an app, it may be containing a sound icon! See if it isn’t mute.
  3. At times, you’re so confused that you don’t find the main problem. There may be a chance that your headphones are not working, and your laptop jack has no issue. Try a different pair of headphones in your laptop, if they are working, then your laptop has no issue; the problem is with the previous headphones. If the new headphones also don’t work, then go to the next fix.
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Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working? Try These Fixes!

Fix No. 1:

Try to set your headphones as default. In most cases, your laptop will set your headphones as default and will allow it to continue working normally but sometimes you’ll have to set it as default to make sure that it’s working properly. So, follow the steps;

Go to the right side of your laptop and move to the bottom and then click right on the sound icon of your system tray.

You’ll see many options. Then click on the Open Sound Settings and click on the Sound Control Panel which you will see in the right side column.

This will open a new window; Click on the Playback tab and select your particular headphones. After selecting your headphones, click on the Set Default option.  Press Apply and go for Ok.

Hopefully, your problem will get solved. If not, then move to the next fix.

Fix No. 2:

You can try changing the audio format by following several steps.

Go to the sound icon on your bottom right of the screen and right click on it.

Click open sound settings, then click sound control panel on the top-right corner of the screen.

A pop-up window will open, you’ll see a list of sound devices under the playback tab. Right click on your headphones and go to properties.

Click the Advanced tab. You’ll be given multiple testing formats. Click on each format one by one and test the following. The audio format which allows you to hear the sound properly, choose that one and click OK!

If your issue is resolved, perfect! If not, move to the next fix.

Fix No. 3:

These types of hardware issues are sometimes due to drivers getting outdated or also because of improper functioning. To resolve such issues, you shall try to update your driver or you may uninstall it! There is a generic audio driver which already comes with the windows; You may also try using it.

How to update your audio driver?

Go to the start button and right click on it, then click on device manager.

You’ll see the option of  Sound, video and game controllers, click on the arrow beside it, you’ll be seeing a list.

fix 3 v2

Right click on the option of your audio driver (it’s High Definition Audio Device for us), press update driver and go for search automatically for updated driver software. Keep on following the instructions!

If this doesn’t work out for you, you can try finding the driver on the manufacturer’s website.

How can you uninstall your audio driver?

Go to the device manager again and select the same option of Sound, video and game controller. Then click on the arrow beside it.

fix 3 v2

Click right on your audio driver (it’s High Definition Audio Device for us). Press uninstall device and then select the option of Delete the driver software for this device; Choose uninstall.

Now you may restart your Pc so that it automatically installs your driver again!

Fix No. 4:

You can try to clean your jack; there are chances that your jack may have dirt in it, which may not detect your headphone. So, take some cotton and clean the inside of your jack carefully. Try not to damage the jack from inside, otherwise, it may not work!

So hopefully, you guys have found the main problem why your headphone jack may not be working. If not, then there must be a problem with the cables and wires inside your computer! Go to the repair shop and get it fixed.


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