Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi? Here’s How to Fix it

Laptop Won't Connect to Wifi

It can be utterly frustrating when you need to get some work done but your laptop won’t connect to wifi. Here we will list the methods you can try to fix the wireless connectivity problem on your machine.

Restart your laptop and Wifi Router/Modem

This is a very basic and easy method and in most cases can fix the issue of wireless connectivity. For restarting router simply you can disconnect the power cord for about 10-20 seconds. When you reconnect the cord wait till the WLAN light indicator on your router starts flashing and you are good to go. In some cases where separate modem and routers are being used. Both the modem and router should be disconnected for a similar time. After the router/modem is restarted try restarting your laptop once and see if it connects to wireless if it does not try the next method.

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Turn on Network Discovery

There might be some instances where your network settings can get overhauled due to some unknown reason. The most common setting is the network discovery option in windows. Following is how you can fix it.

To check whether discovery is enabled or disabled open control panel and click on network and internet.

When you open the latter there will be a small subheading named View Network Status and Tasks open it.

When the new window is opened, on the top left corner there will be an option named change advanced sharing settings.

Open it and you will find the network discovery option, see whether its turned on or not. If it is not, turn it on and try reconnecting to wifi.

Renew/Release Ip Address

If the aforementioned methods did not work for you try this next method. To renew the Ip address you will require command prompt and type some commands.

To run the command prompt click on start/search bar in the taskbar or press the window key on your keyboard.

When the search window pops up type CMD and you will be greeted with a retro-looking app.

In the command, you will need to type exactly the following command

Ipconfig /renew Or Ipconfig /release

Upon successfully entering the command a short series text will indicate the success of the operation. If it fails and gives an error there might be a problem with your wireless router.

Update/Uninstall Network Drivers

Next up you can try fiddling with the network drivers. It is always a good habit of checking whether your drivers are up to date irrespective of the situation. Network drivers are embedded in the device manager to navigate to device manager there are many ways.

You can right-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and open properties. In the top left corner, you will find the device manager option.

Secondly, you can hold the windows button and press the pause button simultaneously to open properties and then you can open the device manager.

Lastly, you type device manager in the search bar and click enter. It will successfully open the device manager.

In the device manager window click on network adapters.

This will open the list of available adapters for your laptop. You can either uninstall the driver or you can update the driver as well as you see fit.

Restart the laptop after you are done.

Use Windows Network Troubleshooter

You can let windows troubleshoot the problem for you can find a fix. In many cases, this can work.

To open network troubleshooter you will need to right-click on the network icon found in the taskbar.

Let the troubleshooter run for some time and feed the information it requires. This may take a long while so be prepared to be patient.

Temporarily Disable third-party Antivirus

There may be a possibility that the antivirus you use might be contradicting with your wireless connectivity.

Disable the antivirus temporarily and try connecting to wifi and see if it works.

Hopefully, by now you guys should have found the fix for your wireless connectivity. If not the last resort is taking the laptop to repair shop and getting it fixed.


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